About me

Welcome to another dimension of the net 😉

My name is Arash Angar and I am 30 years old. Here you can download my Virtual Reality experiences in addition you can see my motion graphics sequences and CG. Furthermore I do programming in C++ in my free time…

I’m always trying to find new exciting ways to create 3D/CG/VFX and VR experiences.

I have made music for many medias through my years, hence for me the musical side is as important as the visual part. It has to go hand in hand. I get inspired by a lot of things not only in the world but along with that, the universe and its ever expanding journey.

To see my projects please check out my portfolio in the menu or click here.

Follow me for Instagram for latest updates and creations: Arash (@arashvfx)

Enjoy watching my latest creations.

“Inter Mundos” is latin for “between worlds”.